Boozefighter By Laws of 1946

1. To become a Boozefighter a man must attend four meetings consecutively and be voted on by secret ballot by all members present and must not be opposed by three or more members.

2. Club is closed at twenty members.

3. Initiation fee is $2.00. Dues are .50cents a week. When a member is voted in, he must pay the sume of $2.50.

4. If a member misses three meetings consecutively without a substantial explanation, he will be voted upon again.

5. Any member who is absent without a reasonable excuse from the club activities will automatically be dropped from the club.

6. If a member misses a meeting withou a reasonable excuse he will be fined $1.00

7. Officers will be elected every three months, if they are still living.

8. There will be a fine of $1.00 for any member not wearing his sweater to meetings, club activities, races, etc., without a reasonable excuse.

9. Any member leaving or being voted out of the club will either remove the lettering from his sweater, or sell it back to the club.

10. It is strictly against all club rules for any one member to bring more than one case of liquor or one keg of beer or wine to a meeting.

11. There will never be any women in any way affiliated in any way shape or form with the Boozefighters Motorycycle Club or its subsidiaries.

12. If any member of the Boozefighters, or its subsidiaries, is found guilty of crapping out on his back, having the club name where it can't be seen, or not having his sweater on when being crapped out, he will be fined $1.00

13. No member will be completely without a motor for more than six months. If he is, he will be automatically dropped from the club.


Yes, we have advanced a little past these By Laws but not far. The Boozefighters are rich in history and embrace that history with open arms.


Chapter 3 "Bullet" A Husband/Father/Brother/Son/Friend. May Wino and all the brothers welcome him to Chapter 1. And may we all remember him for who he was. Rest in Peace Brother you are and will always be missed... 10/28/2013

Chapter 3 Prospect Duckpond Charlie will surely be missed. He was not a Boozefighter but his heart was 100% commited to becoming a brother. Rest in Peace.


Brother Charlie Bailey Joins Chapter 1

1-4-1929 - 1-28-2013

Rest In Peace Brother